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What Is Popular Stone Materials For Granite Headstones?

February 7, 2019

We know the natural headstone products can be do in many colors and styles stone materials, do you know what is popular stone materials to produce those granite headstones or tombstone?

The popular tombstone raw stone materials with different colors, the popular like as Shanxi Black, Indian Black, Indian Green, Indian Red, British Brown, Symphony Red, Sesame Black, Sesame White, Luo Yuanhong, etc.For traditional monuments, black, such as Shanxi black, Indian black, sesame black, and sesame white, are more conservative colors.The art monument originates from European and American tombstones, and most of the imported stone materials, such as Indian red, magic red, Himalayan, British brown, etc.If the material is low, the water absorption rate is low and the luminosity is good. After several decades of market-tested stone, the stone is top-quality. For example, Shanxi Black and Indian Red are all tried-and-tested stones. It has been placed for decades and is very easy to maintain. , rubbing or rubbing is still very bright.

Finally, the Tombstone Stone Factory is the best place to produce in Chongwu Town, Hui’an, Fujian. In particular, it is necessary to choose a factory with more than 20 years experience in tombstones. Because these old factories adopt international operation standards, the quality can be guaranteed, and the tombstones are made. At least for more than ten years, the Hui’an area outside Chongwu is carefully selected. It is a small workshop and there is no guarantee.If you are ready to natural granite headstone factory or supplier,welcome contact with us freely.

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